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    Emerson DeltaV M-series
    Updatetime:2021-02-03 11:21:07

    Emerson DeltaV M-series


    Traditional I/O is a modular subsystem that offers flexibility during installation. It’s designed to be installed in the field, near your devices. Traditional I/O is equipped with function and field wiring protection keys to ensure that the correct I/O card is always plugged into the corresponding terminal block. Modularity, protection keys, and plug-and-play capabilities make DeltaV™ Traditional I/O a smart choice for your process control system

    CE3051C0  CE3051C2  CE3051C3  CE3051C4  CE3051C5  CE4050E1C0  CE4050E1C2  CE4050E2C0  CE4050E2C2  CE4050S2K1C0  CE4003S2B9  CE4003S2B10  CE5056  CE6101  KJ1501X1-BA2  KJ1501X1-BB1  KJ1501X1-BC1  KJ1501X1-BC2  KJ1501X1-BC3  KJ1501X1-BK1  KJ1502X1-BA2  KJ1502X1-BB2  KJ1502X1-BD1  KJ1502X1-BE1  KJ1611X1-EF1  KJ1611X1-GA1  KJ1611X1-FD1  KJ1700X1-BA1  KJ1710X1-BA1   KJ1740X1-BA1   KJ2001X1-BA1  KJ2002X1-BA1  KJ2002X1-CA1  KJ2003X1-BA1  KJ2003X1-BA2  KJ2003X1-BB1   KJ2003X1-BK1  KJ2004X1-BA1   KJ2005X1-BA1   KJ2005X1-BK1  KJ2005X1-SQ1  KJ2005X1-MQ1  KJ2006X1-BK2  KJ2101X1-BA1  KJ2101X1-CA1  KJ2201X1-BA1   KJ2201X1-HA1   KJ2201X1-JA1   KJ2221X1-BA1  KJ2221X1-EA1   KJ2222X1-BA1   KJ2231X1-BA1   KJ2231X1-BB1   KJ2231X1-BC1   KJ2231X1-EA1   KJ2231X1-EB1   KJ2231X1-EC1   KJ2231X1-ED1   KJ2231X1-EE1   KJ3001X1-BA1  KJ3001X1-BB1  KJ3001X1-BC1  KJ3001X1-BD1  KJ3001X1-BE1  KJ3001X1-BG1  KJ3001X1-BH1  KJ3001X1-BJ1  KJ3001X1-BK1  KJ3001X1-CA1  KJ3001X1-CB1  KJ3002X1-BA1  KJ3002X1-BB1  KJ3002X1-BC1  KJ3002X1-BD1  KJ3002X1-BE1  KJ3002X1-BF1  KJ3002X1-BG1  KJ3002X1-BG2  KJ3003X1-BA1   KJ3003X1-EA1  KJ3004X1-BA1  KJ3004X1-EA1  KJ3005X1-BA1  KJ3006X1-BA1   KJ3007X1-BA1  KJ3007X1-EA1  KJ3008X1-BA1   KJ3009X1-BA1   KJ3101X1-BA1  KJ3101X1-BB1  KJ3102X1-BA1  KJ3102X1-BB1  KJ3102X1-BB2  KJ3102X1-BE1  KJ3201X1-BA1  KJ3201X1-BJ1  KJ3201X1-EA1   KJ3202X1-BA1   KJ3203X1-BA1  KJ3204X1-BA1   KJ3206X1-BA1   KJ3207X1-BA1  KJ3207X1-BB1  KJ3208X1-BA1  KJ3208X1-BG1   KJ3209X1-BA1  KJ3210X1-BA1  KJ3211X1-BA1   KJ3212X1-BA1   KJ3221X1-BA1  KJ3221X1-EA1   KJ3222X1-BA1  KJ3222X1-EA1   KJ3223X1-BA1   KJ3223X1-EA1  KJ3224X1-BA1  KJ3224X1-EA1  KJ3225X1-BA1  KJ3231X1-BA1   KJ3231X1-EA1  KJ3241X1-BA1  KJ3241X1-EA1   KJ3242X1-BA1   KJ3242X1-EA1   KJ3242X1-FA1   KJ3242X1-GA1  KJ3242X1-HA1  KJ3243X1-BA1   KJ3243X1-BB1  KJ3243X1-EA1  KJ3244X1-BA1   KJ3245X1-BA1  KJ4001X1-BA1  KJ4001X1-BA2  KJ4001X1-BA3   KJ4001X1-BB1   KJ4001X1-BE1  KJ4001X1-BH1   KJ4001X1-CA1  KJ4001X1-CB1  KJ4001X1-CC1  KJ4001X1-CD1   KJ4001X1-CE1   KJ4001X1-CF1   KJ4001X1-CG1   KJ4001X1-CH1   KJ4001X1-CJ1  KJ4001X1-CK1  KJ4001X1-DG1  KJ4001X1-EA1  KJ4001X1-GA1  KJ4001X1-GG1  KJ4001X1-HA1  KJ4001X1-HC1  KJ4001X1-JA1  KJ4001X1-NA1   KJ4001X1-NB1   KJ4002X1-BA1  KJ4002X1-BB1  KJ4002X1-BC2   KJ4002X1-BD2   KJ4002X1-BE1   KJ4002X1-BF1   KJ4002X1-BF2  KJ4003X1-BA1  KJ4003X1-BB1   KJ4003X1-BC1   KJ4003X1-BD1   KJ4003X1-BE1  KJ4003X1-BF1   KJ4003X1-BG1   KJ4003X1-BH1  KJ4005X1-BA1  KJ4010X1-BF1  KJ4010X1-BG1  KJ4020X1-BD1   KJ4101X1-BA1  KJ4101X1-BC1  KJ4110X1-BA1  KJ4110X1-BB1  KJ4110X1-BC1  KJ4110X1-CA1  KJ4110X1-CB1  KJ4110X1-EA1  KJ4110X1-EB1  KJ6001X1-BA1  KJ6001X1-BA2   KJ6001X1-CA1   KJ6001X1-CA2   KJ7001X1-BA1  KJ7011X1-BA1  KJ7012X1-BA1  KJ7101X1-BA1  KJ7102X1-BA1  KL3021X1-BA1  VE3003  VE3004  VE3005  VE3006  VE3008  VE3051C0  VE3051C1  VE3051C2  VE3051C3  VE3051C4  VE3051C5  VE3055M1  VE3055M2  VE4001S2T1  VE4001S2T1B1   VE4001S2T1B2   VE4001S2T1B3   VE4001S2T2  VE4001S2T2B1   VE4001S2T2B2  VE4001S2T2B3   VE4001S2T2B4  VE4001S2T2B5   VE4001S3T1B1  VE4001S3T1B2   VE4001S3T2B1   VE4001S3T2B2   VE4001S4T1B1  VE4001S4T1B2  VE4001S4T2B1  VE4001S4T2B2  VE4002S1T1  VE4002S1T1B1   VE4002S1T1B2   VE4002S1T1B3   VE4002S1T2B1   VE4002S1T2B2  VE4002S1T2B3   VE4002S1T2B4   VE4002S1T2B5  VE4002S1T2B6   VE4002S2T1  VE4002S2T1B1   VE4002S2T1B2   VE4002S2T2  VE4002S2T2B1   VE4002S2T2B2   VE4003S1B2  VE4003S2  VE4003S2B1  VE4003S2B2   VE4003S2B3   VE4003S2B4   VE4003S2B5   VE4003S2B6   VE4003S3B3  VE4003S3B4  VE4003S3B5  VE4003S4B1   VE4003S5B1  VE4003S6B1  VE4003S7B1   VE4005S1B2  VE4005S2B1   VE4005S2B2  VE4005S2B3  VE4006P2  VE4007  VE4009  VE4010B1  VE4011B1  VE4011B2  VE4012S2B1  VE4012S2B2  VE4013S1B1  VE4013S1B2  VE4013S2B1  VE4013S2B2  VE4014  VE4015  VE4016  VE4017PO  VE4019P0  VE4021  VE4022  VE4026  VE4027  VE4031S2T2B1  VE4032S1T2B1  VE4033S2B1  VE4035S2B1  VE4036P2  VE4037PO  VE4038  VE4039P0  VE4050E1C0  VE4050E1C2  VE4050E2C0  VE4050E2C2  VE4050S2K1C0  VE4050S2K1C1  VE4052M0  VE4052M1  VE4054S1C0  VE4055S1C0  VE4055S1C1  VE4055S2C0  VE4055S2C2  VE4056  VE4060C0  VE4060C1  VE4070  VE4102  VE4201  VE4202  VE4251  VE5001  VE5002  VE5003  VE5004  VE5005  VE5008  VE5009  VE5010  VE5011  VE5012  VE5055  VE5056  VE5123  VE5126  VE6001P1  VE6006  VE6012P1  VE6014P1  VE6014P2  VE6014P3  VE6014P4  VE6015P1  VE6015P2  VE6015P3  VE6015P4  VE6017F0P1  VE6017F0P2  VE6017F0P3  VE6017F0P4  VE6017F1P1  VE6017F1P2  VE6017F1P3  VE6017F1P4  VE6018P1  VE6018P2  VE6018P3  VE6018P4  VE6019  VE6021P1  VE6021P2  VE6021P3  VE6021P4  VE6022P1  VE6022P2  VE6022P3  VE6022P4  VE6023  VE6024  VE6025  VE6101  VE6104  VE6203  VE6204P1  VE6204P2  VE6204P3  VE6204P4  VE6205T1  VE6205T2  VE6205T3  VE6205T4  VE6205T5  VE6205T6    VE6041F01C1  VE6041F05C2  VE6041F06C2  VE6047P4  VE6046P1  VS3201  VS3202  VS6002  VS6003  SE3051C0  SE3006  SE400251T1B1  SE4003S2B1  SE4005S2B1  VS4015R17  KC3010X1-BA1  KC3011X1-BA1  KC3021X1-BA1 
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